Titanium 6Al-6V-2Sn (Ti 6-6-2) delivers the anti-corrosiveness of Ti 6Al-4V at an increased strength due to its two phase beta stabilization. This nonferrous metal is extremely light and durable and is perfectly suited for jet engines, rocket engine cases, nuclear reactor components and ordnance components. The distinguishing factor between this titanium alloy and its 6Al-4V counterpart is the additional levels of Vanadium (6.0%), Iron (0.35-1.0%), and Copper (0.35-1.0%), which contribute to its increased stability.

With its increased strength, the only area Ti 6Al-6V-2Sn compromises in is weldability. Specifically, the heat affected zone will have much lower ductility and toughness relative to the original metal. To maximize manufacturing efficiency, it is recommended that this titanium alloy is run with low cutting speeds and heavy feed rates.

Ti 6-6-2 can either be cold or hot formed using methods including but not limited to hydroforming, stretch or drop hammer.

6-6-2 specifications include:

– MIL-T-9046 & Mil-T-9047
– AMS-T-9046 & AMS-T-9047
– AMS 9635 & AMS 6936
– AMS 4979, 4971, 4978 & 4918

6-6-2 comes in round bar, rectangular flat bar, sheet and plate.

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