420 Mod

420 Mod is a martensitic stainless steel that is widely used for dental and surgical instruments in addition to manufacturing molds. The grade is a higher version of 416 and is capable of being hardened by heat treatments with a tensile strength of between 109 and 145 ksi. Specifications include ASTM F899.

Common Applications

Due to the material’s strong resistance to corrosion 420 Mod is used in a wide range of applications:

  • Dental & surgical instruments
  • Oil Industry completion equipment

Medical Application Details

Due to the material’s high strength and strong corrosion resistance with an ASTM F899 specification, the grade is used in a wide range of surgical instruments. However, in contrast to other grades, 420 Mod is not an implantable metal. Instead, it is primarily used for various surgical instruments including but not limited to surgical scissors, ear pins, rollers and guides.

Material Characteristics 

420 Mod has excellent mechanical properties and has improved hot working characteristics when compared to 410. The grade is also more resistant to cracking. 420 Mod has low ductility and moderately high electrical conductivity.

Additional Information:

Martensitic Stainless Steel (420 Mod Classification)

Stainless steels fall into four main categories: martensitic, austenitic, ferritic, and duplex. Martensitic stainless steels are defined by material that can be tempered and hardened by aging or heat treatment.

Martensitic material can be sub-divided into two categories:

1) High carbon material (above 0.4% carbon) used mainly for wear resistance (surgical instruments, molds, etc.)

2) Low carbon material (below 0.4% carbon) used mostly for their mechanical properties (shafts, valves, etc.)

Relative to other martensitic material, 420 Mod has a moderate carbon content (0.4%).


420 Mod Summary Information

Specs Markets Applications Forms
ASTM F899 Medical, Aerospace, Industrial Dental & surgical instruments, Oil Industry completion equipment Bar



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