316LS and 316LVM are electro-slag remelted or vacuum-arc remelted, low carbon, high nickel, high molybdenum versions of 316. They are equivalents to each other and meet ASTM F138, the standard for bar and wire for surgical implants, and ASTM F139, the standard for sheet and strip for surgical implants. Because of the low level of carbon and the electro-slag or vacuum-arc remelt these grades have a high level of purity and cleanliness and are highly resistance to corrosion. 316LS and 316LVM are primarily used in the medical device industry due to their combination of biocompatibility, machinability, and strength.


ASTM F138 (Bar and Wire for Surgical Implants), ASTM F139 (Sheet and Strip for Surgical Implants), ISO 5832-1


316LS/316LVM include fracture fixation devices such as bone plates, bone screws, and intermedullary nails. 316LS/316LVM are also used as stock material for machining and forging of surgical implant devices and surgical instruments where high hardness is not required.

Additional Information:

316LS/316LVM is not magnetic in the annealed condition. However, it becomes slightly magnetic after cold working or welding.

316LS/316LVM can be hardened by cold working. It does not harden by heat treatment.





Specs Markets Applications Forms
ASTM F138, ASTM F139, ISO 5832-1 Medical, Aerospace, Industrial Fracture Fixation Devices, Bone Plates, Trauma Nails, Bone Screws, Surgical Instruments, Surgical Implant Devices Bar



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