316LVM is a special type of 316L used in the medical industry primarily because unlike most other stainless grades it is implantable. The grade is a low carbon, vacuum remelted stainless steel that has high levels of purity and cleanliness as well as resistance to corrosion. ASTM F138 is the common medical specification for the grade.

Common Applications

Due to the material’s high strength, levels of purity, and strong corrosion resistance, 316LVM is used in a wide range of medical applications including the following list of examples:

  • Fracture fixation devices
  • Bone plates
  • Trauma nails
  • Bone screws
  • Surgical instruments
  • Surgical implant devices

Medical Applications Details

Due to the material’s high strength, purity and strong corrosion resistance with an ASTM F138 specification, the grade is used in a wide range of implantable applications.

Material Characteristics 

17-4 H900 has excellent mechanical properties and is inexpensive relative to comparable high-nickel, non-ferrous alloys. It’s corrosion resistance is generally comparable to 304 and is better than the 400 series. Note that long-term exposure to elevated temperature can result in lower toughness. Severe cold working should be done primarily at the H1150 condition to avoid cracking.

Additional Information:

Martensitic Stainless Steel (17-4 PH Classification)

The purity and cleanliness that 316LVM offers is a result of the vacuum melt process that 316LVM goes through. The vacuum melt process is typically the second melt, and the most common melts for this process are Electro Slag Re-melt (ESR), Vacuum Arc Re-melt (VAR), and Vacuum Induction Melt (VIM).

Although standard 316LVM may meet the limitations for some implants, typically the ASTM F138 specification is required for most implants. This specification refines the chemistry to improve the micro-cleanliness of standard 316LVM.



Specs Markets Applications Forms
AMS 5524, ASTM A24 Medical, Aerospace, Industrial Fracture Fixation Devices, Bone Plates, Trauma Nails, Bone Screws, Surgical Instruments, Surgical Implant Devices Bar



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