The modernization of the Aerospace industry has led to an increase in the demand for metals that are capable of performing in environments with high temperatures, corrosion, abrasion, heavy loads, and other harsh conditions usually encountered in the industry. At Vested Metals, we provide aerospace grade metals only from approved sources that meet the quality standards required by companies in the Aerospace industry and its submarkets. Moreover, they improve aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, and weight reduction, making these metals align with present and future key necessities of the industry. Aerospace applications for the metals we provide include landing gear parts, turbine engines, cargo doors, pylons, wing actuators, fasteners, and many others. Our metals are mill certified and include aluminum, stainless steel, powder metals, alloy steels, titanium, high-temperature alloys, and specialty alloys. Our pursuit of materials that are better suited for the Aerospace industry allows us to keep up with the latest industry trends and to stock the necessary materials for our customers ongoing demand.

Common Aerospace Industry Grades



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