At Vested Metals, we understand that when it comes to the automotive & transportation industries; efficiency, performance, and safety are some of the fundamental elements required to be successful in the industry. We can provide the certified materials that can improve the performance of racing cars or help maintain the safety of passengers in commercial and public transportation. Whether you need materials for applications in Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, INDYCAR, or any other competitive racing association; Vested Metals can supply metals that meet industry requirements and specifications. We only supply metals from key approved sources that meet the standards of the Automotive industry. Our materials are mill certified and cover the gamut of stainless steel, titanium, high-temperature alloys, alloy steel, specialty alloys, brass, copper, and bronze. End applications of our materials include engine components, brake systems, electrical parts, transmissions, and other interior and exterior parts that will give an advantage in performance racing, or simply keep the safety of passengers.

Automotive & Transportation Industry Standard Grades



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