September 2021 Vested Metals Market Update

The current issue provides pricing and commentary on copper, aluminum, cobalt, nickel, molybdenum and iron ore. Key macro economic data (pandemic recovery indicators) and health care utilization commentary is also included. [pdf-embedder...

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Nitronic® 60 – Origins & Uses

Nitronic alloys were first created by Armco Steel in the early 1960s. In 2000, AK Steel took ownership of the trademark that is currently used today. The term "nitronic" refers to the application of nitrogen to stainless steel alloys. The primary impact of this...

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Specialty Metals Purchasing Process

As an experienced titanium supplier, Vested Metals understands that purchasing titanium or any other specialty metal can involve a wide range of variables. In some cases, knowing which grade to select is challenging. In other cases, knowing which specifications are...

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