At Vested Metals, we understand that to satisfy the needs of Energy market, we must adhere to the high-quality metal standards that are specified correctly. We supply metals that meet the specifications and requirements of Energy markets, and source only from approved sources that share the quality standards set by the industry. The metals we provide can be used for energy production applications such as gas lines, drilling rigs, gas turbine blades, nuclear plan equipment, geothermal wall casings, oil & petroleum refining equipment, and gasoline stabilizer, as well as energy supply and storage applications such as electrical switchgear components, electric cable connectors, electrical fittings, electrical switches, transformers, batteries, breakers, among others. Our materials are mill certified and include stainless steel, alloy steels, high-temperature alloys, and cobalt alloys. Our goal is to provide the materials necessary for our customers next new project and ongoing maintenance repair and overhaul to help the industry enjoy safe and reliable energy.

Energy Industry Standard Grades



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