As an experienced titanium supplier, Vested Metals understands that purchasing titanium or any other specialty metal can involve a wide range of variables. In some cases, knowing which grade to select is challenging. In other cases, knowing which specifications are equivalent can require a metallurgist. Even for specific mill specifications there are different revisions with different standards. And, some specifications even become obsolete.

Once a grade and specific specification is identified, selecting a form (plate, sheet, round bar, etc.) that is both feasible from an engineering standpoint and is produced by mills can present a barrier. Even after identifying a grade, form and specification, finding a size that works can be challenging (i.e. diameter for a round bar or thickness for plate and sheet). Grade/spec combinations are applicable to a range of sizes.

Even after all these requirements are identified lead times can be well over 52 weeks in some cases depending on demand and mill production schedules. Furthermore, mills have minimum purchasing requirements that can present another barrier. Lastly, mills can be very late. A lead time of, for example, 26 weeks could easily result in a delivery 30+ weeks later.

To navigate these complex issues it can be helpful to work with a specialty metals supplier that can offer guidance throughout the process. Vested Metals is set up to provide high touch service to make sure the you are able to access the raw material you need within the time frame that you need it.

One reason Vested Metals can provide this level of service is its global network of approved suppliers who offer anything from titanium to a wide range of hard to find specialty metals. In some cases, Vested Metals can offer the material from stock and ship within 1-2 business days. Nitronic 60 is one example of a stainless steel grade that we can ship quickly.

Titanium ELI plate is another grade we can offer from stock in both plate and internally processed cut plate form. In other situations with less commonly used grades, Vested Metals can often find a supplier that offers the material. For hard to find items sourced by a third party lead times range from a few days to several months.

More on specialty metals purchasing in future posts.